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Keyholding, Barrier Control, Mobile and Static Guards and patrols, and Guard Dog services for England and Wales

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Security & Cleaning Company providing Site security and commercial and or industrial cleaning services , CCTV, Alarm emergency response,Training

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Store Detectives
Store DetectiveThe presence of our retail security guards, smartly dressed in the company uniform (or the customers uniform of choice), works as a crucial deterrent, warning off any would-be thieves. Customers also feel safer knowing there are retail security guards on duty while they shop, thus boosting confidence in the store. Undercover store detectives play a vital role in combating shop-lifting, especially in larger stores, and our store detectives can also complete in-store loss prevention checks, helping to further reduce losses to the customers hard-earned profits.

Our Retail Security Guard team will visit your premises for an initial site inspection and a report will be drawn up, identifying any health and safety and security risks. Assignment instructions will then be formulated in consultation with the customer, and the retail security guard or store detective will be given on-site training using these instructions.

The assignment instructions will give details of the location and description of the property, the agreed means of access, emergency procedures and communications, frequency of calls to the Control Room, record keeping, etc. thus ensuring a smooth, efficient service. Our Retail Security Guards and Store Detectives carry mobile radios as well as mobile phones, and will report in to the control room every hour.

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